Android Trojan SlemBunk targets mobile banking users

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Noted security expert Pierluigi Paganini recently summarized a report from FireEye about the spread of a sophisticated Android Trojan called SlemBunk. When first detected, this trojan was distributed as a copy of legitimate bank apps through third-party websites. The SlemBunk Trojan monitors processes running on mobile devices, waiting for a mobile banking app to be […]

Malwarebytes gets perfect score

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A Clean Sweep This is what we use to clean our computers before we install our patented keyboard encryption software for preventing #keyloggingidentitytheft. In this latest test from AV-Test, Malwarebytes was the only product to achieve a perfect score, every single threat completely wiped out. This result is more in keeping with Malwarebytes’s reputation as […]

5 lessons learned from recent retail data breaches

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Data Breaches – the “new norm”? Much of the recent news, like the payment data breach at Goodwill Industries, has a sense inevitability. We are e being nudged from How could this happen?” to “Who is next, and how bad will it be?” Please recall that in April, Heartbleed verified that at least 66 percent […]