Android Trojan SlemBunk targets mobile banking users

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Noted security expert Pierluigi Paganini recently summarized a report from FireEye about the spread of a sophisticated Android Trojan called SlemBunk. When first detected, this trojan was distributed as a copy of legitimate bank apps through third-party websites. The SlemBunk Trojan monitors processes running on mobile devices, waiting for a mobile banking app to be […]

Malwarebytes gets perfect score

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A Clean Sweep This is what we use to clean our computers before we install our patented keyboard encryption software for preventing #keyloggingidentitytheft. In this latest test from AV-Test, Malwarebytes was the only product to achieve a perfect score, every single threat completely wiped out. This result is more in keeping with Malwarebytes’s reputation as […]

Hotel business centers are a threat to your cyber security

Hotel business centers are a threat to your cyber security

A recent advisory¬†issued by the Secret Service warns about cybercriminals infecting hotel business center PCs with keylogging malware. The hospitality industry is an easy target, and all property managers and owners should inspect the computers that are available to hotel guests in their business centers. There hackers compromise the publicly available PCs with keylogging malware […]

Does online advertising deliver malware to you?

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In a recent report from the U.S.Senate entitled¬†Online Advertising and Hidden Hazards to Consumer Security and Data Privacy … details are given on how vulnerable internet advertising¬†is to being used as a delivery mechanism to permeate the globe with malicious malware. ¬†The report is quite extensive, and includes a history of how internet advertising developed […]