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eTravelers Program

Secure your device in 3 easy steps!

1  On your subscription page, click "view" to see your private activation link.  Click the activate link and create your SCloud account, using your email as your username and a secure password.  Be sure to write down your SCloud username and password (numbers and letters only). Then comeback to this page for step 2.

Click the button for the device you are using to download the app.  After installing, sign into the app by using your SCloud username and password.

3  Secure your account by logging in to both your SCloud and Cyber ID Guard accounts after activating your software to change your passwords!

That's it!  Your device is now secured with the eTravelers Program. 

Hackers can't see your keystrokes and steal your private information.

Enjoy Safe-Surfing!

For future reference, installation instructions can also be found at 


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