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What Is The Problem With Web Conferencing?


Hackers spy on your keyboard

Hackers use "keyloggers" to spy on your keyboard and steal your usernames and passwords. Once they steal your login credentials, they have a VIP pass to your accounts. 

This includes logging into Zoom as the host, taking over your meeting, and posting inappropriate content.



Anti-Virus Doesn't Work

Most people turn to antivirus and anti-spyware. The problem is, these don't catch all the keyloggers. Keyloggers are coded to morph and change to avoid detection. By the time antivirus has a patch to stop a keylogger, it's already found a new undetectable identity.

How Do You Prevent Spyware?

Privacy Protection Module Blocks Keyloggers

Cyber ID Guard has partnered with StrikeForce Technologies to bring you the Privacy Protection Module.

GuardedID® Features

  • Encrypts keystrokees
  • Protects from login breaches
  • Protects Web Conferencing
  • Protects financial transactions
  • Protects corporate data
  • Warns against Clickjacking attacks
  • Unique CryptoColor system

Customers Feedback

 "I'm so happy to have found Cyber ID Guard. Finally my credit cards are safe. I feel confident working online thanks to the Privacy Protection Module!"


"I feel so much safer using the Privacy Protection Module with our Zoom meetings. It’s a relief knowing this Privacy Protection Module protects me in real time even if my computer is infected."


Keep your Web Conferencing Guests Safe

Block hackers from breaking in and ruining your online conference

Protect your devices with Cyber ID Guard's Privacy Protection Module

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