GuardedIDĀ® and MobileTrustĀ® Monthly Plan – 9-Pack

$14.12 / month

Monthly Subscription: $14.12 (includes Convenience Fee of $0.99)

Note: Monthly subscriptions are prorated in the first month and the renewal date is set on the 25th of the month.

Protect all your devices with these patented encryption applications from StrikeForce Technologies. All Licenses can be used for either GuardedIDĀ® or MobileTrustĀ®.

This License will cover either 9 Computers or 9 Mobile Devices, or any combination up to 9 – Your Choice

GuardedIDĀ® Features

  • Encrypts keystrokes
  • Protects financial transactions
  • Protects corporate data
  • Warns against Clickjacking attacks
  • Protects from login breaches
  • Unique CryptoColor system


MobileTrustĀ® Features

  • Strong Password Generator
  • ProtectID Soft Token
  • Third Party Soft Token Support
  • Encrypted Database
  • Secure Keypad
  • Secure Browser


If you are protecting a computer, choose GuardedIDĀ® when you download. If you are protecting a Mobile Device, choose MobileTrustĀ® when you download.


Discounts apply with our Annual 3, 5 and 9 Packs!!Ā Single License Price is $17.50.

Package Discount Price $ Savings % Savings Price Each License
3-Pack Ā $49.99 $2.51 4.8% $16.66
5-Pack Ā $79.99 $7.51 8.6% $15.99
9-Pack $139.99 $17.51 11.1% $15.55


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