PrivacyLok Privacy Protection Module Annual

$39.95 / year

Video Conferencing Solutions are not protected from Spyware.  Don’t let hackers exploit your camera, microphone, and keyboard.  They will use these to hold for ransom, empty your bank accounts, and steal your identity!

Stop keyloggers and spyware that AntiVirus and Anti-Malware cannot detect, with StrikeForce Technologies patented encryption applications.

Licenses can be used for Windows computers.  Compatibility with other devices is in developement.







Hackers are watching you

They can watch your camera feed, listen through your microphone, and ease-drop on your video chats.  With each keystroke, you are giving away your brand new passwords and access to your bank accounts.

Even the most sophisticated antivirus and anti-malware cannot detect them nor stop them.

PrivacyLok is the only true solution.  Don’t stop using your antivirus.  But it’s not enough.  PrivacyLok (Strikeforce patented) encrypts your audio, video, keyboard strokes, and clipboard contents.  It locks all your sensitive feeds and information with true end-to-end encryption.

Included Downloads

  • PrivacyLok® (FOR WINDOWS ONLY – MAC will be developed in the near future)

PrivacyLok® Features

  • Encrypts your camera and video feed
  • Encrypts your microphone and audio feed
  • Encrypts your keyboard and clipboard contents
  • Protects financial transactions
  • Protects corporate data
  • Warns against Clickjacking attacks
  • Protects from login breaches
  • Unique CryptoColor system













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