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    To the Marketing Director,

    On July 25th this year, a program Titled … “Secure eTraveler Program” was announced and immediately made available to Hotels.  The first Hotel to sign onto the program was a Hilton.  Since then, we have added Hampton by Hilton and Holiday Inn and continue to work with additional Hotels.  In the process we discovered that this program works great for any business that has a lot of customers.  Now we are working with Mall’s, Restaurants and Banks to list just a few of the businesses we are working with.  This kind of a partnership program really benefits those who are first to get involved in that when an individual subscribes to the program, they are linked to the one who introduces them to it for as long as they continue to use the product.  This product currently enjoys a 95% retention rate which is rare and hard to find.

    About the product.  It is an Encryption software program which prevents virtually anyone from using keylogging malware to steal information from a person’s computer or mobile device.  Unlike anti-virus software, which can only protect a person from known Hacking programs (keep in mind that hackers can put 1,000’s of IP addresses in their keylogger and then program it to shut down and reboot with a new IP every minute if they want, no anti-virus protection program can keep up), the maker of this software assumes you are infected and protects a person in real time. There are no back doors for anyone to circumvent this program.  No one can see what a person is typing, they cannot take screen shots, nor can the hackers put a hidden button on which they can trick someone into clicking on without the person receiving a warning.  The largest Credit Card processor in the world along with one of the top 10 banks are now implementing the use of this software to all their merchants to keep them safe.  In addition, the merchants are being allowed to sell this to their employees and the employee’s friends and families.

    You can now offer this to your subscribers the same as the Banks, Hotels and other large businesses.  Create for yourself a revenue line item profit center which can make you and your subscribers safe from prying eyes.  Virtually No One will be able to see what you are doing, steal any of your information, such as user names and passwords, or any other information as long as you have and use this software on your device.

    We have a short PowerPoint which tells you about the program and how the residual revenue of $8.00 and up per subscriber can by yours year after year.  If you are interested, please contact us.

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